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Gen V LT1
Posted March 19 2013 12:22 PM by Scott Parker 
Filed under: Editorials, Car Engine

2014 CTS's LF3 Eliminates Packaging Concerns with Twin-Turbo Setups

 The announcement that GM will be offering a twin-turbo 3.6L spurns many questions for future V-8 offerings

 On the one hand, Doomsday theorists might say that the new twin-turbo Cadillac V-6 engine spells the end of high production V-8s such as the LS3 that have (in one form or another) found its way into Camaros, Corvettes, sedans, and trucks. Why use 8-cylinders to do what you can with six and get better gas mileage? Somehow this is Obama's fault!

While the LS platform will soon be extinct from production, GM said that when they released the Gen V LT1, I offer a different view on how this will all play out and what it means for the performance segment. GM seemed to make it clear that the new 3.6L LF3 is not part of the new V-series. Secondly, it has become clear that there will in fact be upper level Corvettes (ZR1, Z06 or both). Third, GM has already announced that the 2014 Silverado will have 6.2L, 5.3L, and 4.3L engine options all based of the Gen V LT1. Fourth, we have at least another year if not two of the fifth-generation Camaro platform. So the V-8 is most definitely not going away.

My prediction is that an upper level Corvette will be released for the 2015 model year, which will be a twin-turbo LT1 (650-700hp). Much of the technology currently used in the LF3 will be incorporated. Also expect to see a stronger version of the 8-speed auto (in the new CTS) available for the C7, and other applications. A V-series Cadillac will follow, and will be a de-tuned version of this engine. The fifth-gen Camaro will continue its run until the 2016 model year, and GM will make the LS7 available and possibly other LS engines until they have depleted its supply. Expect plenty more special editions and option codes. A Gen V LT1 may find its way into the fifth-gen in its last year of production. Eventually the lighter Alpha-platform based sixth-gen will sport the LT1 and a twin-turbo version. The SS sedan will follow suit, and continue production until 2016 when it changes over to an LT1.

TL-80 8-speed auto trans


I am not sure that the new high performance Corvette motor will be a twin turbo, I think it's more like they will go with a Supercharged version like they did with the LS9. It is likely too that they will re-use the LT4 and/or LT5 names.

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