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Hennessey 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Beats Challenger SRT8 & Shelby GT500
Posted August 7 2009 05:14 PM by mpayne 
Filed under: Miscellaneous

Hennessey 2010 Chevrolet Camaro HPE550


Motor Trend did a head to head to head comparison between Hennessey 2010 Chevrolet Camaro HPE550, the 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 and the 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 and with no surprise the Camaro destroyed the compitition in 0-60, a quarter mile run and mpg...

Here is the breakdown of how the Camaro became number 1.


Camaro: 3.7

Mustang: 4.1

Challenger: 4.7

Quarter Mile:

Camaro: 11.9 sec @ 121.6 mph

Mustang: 12.4 sec @ 116.0 mph

Challenger: 13.3 sec @ 107.0 mph

EPA city/hwy:

Camaro: 16/24 mpg

Challenger: 14/22 mpg

Mustang: 14/20 mpg

So as you can see the Camaro took the Mustange and Challenger down with no problem.


I failed to see Ford boy's point as well, please "let's use Ebay as a reference point" for Camaros that are marked up $5k over sticker. Good call. Base price on a Camaro SS is $32k and the 2SS is $36k. And I agree, for $49k I'd say the Corvette is a much better comparison to the GT500, considering its base price is $48k.Motor Trend tends to group these cars together by "price as tested" and will have the cars comparably equipped, which is the most fair way of doing it. I'd suggest picking up a copy of Motor Trend and reading it.


first of all referring to what jnevil2000 posted hs full of it.picking on the lil camaro when its big brother the corvette zo6 would spank on any mustang ford has to offer and of the lame slow ford gt we have the corvette zr1 for that . i am so glad that whatever ford brings out of production chevy will take out anything u line them up with..


wow these ford guys' *** must be bruised lol


their va-ginas must be hurting lol


i guess I need to take a mustang gt and have hennessey put there twin turbo setup on it and see how well the Comaro your boasting here stands up to it!! C'mon guys for once lets be grown ups and compare apples to apples...let use ebay as a refference point...we can all log on to ebay and see the FACTS of what these cars are selling for!! no bull crap GM or Ford artical! 2010 ford mustang gt loaded price 32,000 2010 Comaro loaded price 45,000 2010 Mustang GT500 49,000... so are we going to compare the gt with the loaded Comaro...13k difference or the 2ss rs whatever loaded out Comaro with the GT500 4k difference!! I think if we were truly trying to be fair here we would compare the gt500 vs the Comaro 2ss/rs package...hummm i havent seen that artical yet!!! wonder why not!! you want to run the Hennessey Camaro go pick on the Mustang KR!! The price of the mustang KR 80K the price of the Hennessey Camoaro...100k so better yet let me pull an 06 ford gt out and take care of the Hennessey Comaro if your going to spend that kinda money!! this artical sucks!! i hate i just spent 5 mins of my life writing this!!


Im so glad that the GT500 is a factory ford product!!! how did the factory chey camaro product perform against the factory ford GT500... oh you didnt do an artical on that! hum wonder why not?!?!

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