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LS9: Baddest GM Engine Ever!

Posted December 19 2007 10:54 PM by Rick@GMHTP 
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The LS9 engine

When the 2009 ZR1 Corvette rolls off the assembly line, the supercharged, 600-plus-horsepower LS9 engine will be between its fenders.

Hand-built at the Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan, the 6.2-liter LS9 will set the standard by which all performance engines--GM or otherwise--will be measured.

Feast your eyes on the pics and specs of the groundbreaking new LS9 engine––the most powerful production vehicle mill that GM has ever made!

2009 LS9

620+ HP/595+ FT-LBS
6.2L, 319-T5 aluminum block
103.25mm (4.06-inch) bore x 92mm (3.62-inch) stroke
forged steel crank
titanium rods
9.1:1 forged aluminum pistons with oil-spray cooling
356-T6 aluminum heads
titanium 55mm (2.16-inch) intake and hollow-stem, sodium-filled 40.4mm (1.59-inch) exhaust valves
Offset-rocker valvetrain layout
2.3L supercharger pushing 10.5psi boost
100HP/Liter target

Pick up the April 2008 issue of GMHTP for an in-depth look at this new engine--as well as a sneak-peek at another high-horsepower GM mill coming down the pike!


Its a beautiful thing, I love it...


I would love to see this engine mated with a t56 transmission in a 1/2 ton pick-up, suburban, or tahoe. Can you say "Sleeper"?I currently drive a '98 ex-cab 1/2 ton with Silverado package with a ls1/t56 combo and find more ways to have fun with it than a six-year old on Christmas morning.


cannot log in to your web site


I would like one LS9 monster to go please. GM never seem not to amaze me with the cars and engines they crank out. I look forward to see what crazy stuff the guys at GM High Tech Performance can do with this engine. Lets swap this in a Malibu or a Camaro, that would be sick. Keep up the good work.

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