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ZR1 Returns!

2009 Corvette ZR1
Posted December 19 2007 10:22 PM by Rick@GMHTP 
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2009 ZR1

ZR1 Returns in Mid-2008!

General Motors has confirmed that the Corvette ZR1 will return to claim its King Of The Hill title in summer 2008 as a 2009 model!

Powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 dubbed LS9, the ZR1 will produce at least 620 horsepower, with at least 595 foot-pounds of torque. A Gen. VI Eaton blower displacing 2.3 liters and pushing 10.5 pounds of boost is partially to thank for those ridiculous power levels. How does 115 MORE horsepower than a Z06 grab you?

The ZR1 will be based on the Z06's chassis. Weight-saving measures come in the form of carbon fiber, including the hood panels, roof panel, fenders, and C-pillar roof bar, though it will still be a couple hundred pounds heavier than a Z06. Quicker acceleration is a no-brainer. However, huge carbon-ceramic brakes, stylish 19x10 front/20x12 rear rims, and 285 front and positively massive 335mm rear rubber––along with recalibrated shocks-–should allow the ZR1 to easily out-brake and out-handle the Z06 as well.

A new Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual trans sporting a twin-disc clutch system and a 2.29 first gear ratio will sit behind that monster mill. Sixth gear is 26 percent shorter so the 200-plus mph top speed will be achieved in this gear. Additional drivetrain mods will be incorporated to hopefully keep it intact.  

For a low-volume vehicle with an estimated price of a hundred large, GM is making sure to throw in a few more custom touches: the polycarbonate "window" in the ZR1's bulging hood shows off the massive intercooler/supercharger setup, and fenders, front spoiler, rocker extensions, roof panel, and rear spoiler all set the ZR1 apart. look for custom ZR1 embroidery and--of course--a sweet boost gauge with 220-mph speedo in the cluster!

How fast will this thing be? With any kind of traction it should improve on the Z06's sub-4-second 0-60 time, and go 10s in the quarter with 130-plus trap speeds. Stay glued to for breaking ZR1 news!

Scott Parker
Scott Parker

Two words: aluminum frame. In order to make a convertible, they would have to start with the base C6's steel frame...something the ultra-exclusive ZR1 doesn't deserve. Plus, have you ever seen a 360 or 430 after a wreck? They come apart in three pieces: front end, back end and motor. What's left of the passengers are somewhere in the middle. Now add an underrated 638hp LS9 with instant torque to the equation.


Why not a convertible?? I'd much rather buy a Viper, 911 cabriolet, ferrari 360, etc. with a drop top. The most desirable performance cars are always convertibles. I understand the weight and club racer argument... but 40 lbs. and a few guys who can still race a convertible if they really want to. What are the most expensive and desirable Corvettes of all time... big block convertibles. Look it up.


Sick Sick Sick. The ZR1 looks more amazing than any previous year vette I've seen out there. 595 with much more power to squeeze out. I just got to say Santa bring me one of those for Christmas. Keep up the #ss kicking work


I have a supercharges vette in my show pushing 650/75 how are they going to get power to the ground

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