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Posted November 8 2006 04:13 PM by nlicata 
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GM Shootouts - Whatcha Think?


Just about as long as this magazine has existed, GMHTP has been putting together drag racing shootouts for your reading pleasure and I'm curious to know how much you guys actually enjoy reading them. Most recently we finished a shootout for budget-minded Fbodies and an open 9 and 10-second LT1 and LS1 shootout to be published in the upcoming issues. Are there any particular shootouts that you would like to see in the magazine such as naturally aspirated strokers, stock cube forced induction, Third Gens only, etc?


I also think the shootouts are great.I have one suggestion- quickest Pontiac G8, 1/8 and 1/4 mile. We have a thriving community with a few guys pushing the envelope. You could expect ETs mostly in the 11s with a few 10s if done in good air and HP ranges from 450 to 700ish.I'd think folks would enjoy it.


I love the shootouts as well. I think it is a great way to see what these cars are really doing in real world conditions. I agree with the comment before me LS1 vs. everything else, built or unbuilt. Just keep em' coming. Great work.


The shootouts are great. Maybe do some LS1 vs. all comers type of races, such as Buick turbo cars. Keep those cubes stock on the LS1's, we don't need anymore!

I love them. Like it was said in the post before mine. It gets you an idea of what works, what doesn't, and how much different modification combonations get you in the real world.Please keep them coming!Chad


Hey Guy's, I think the shoot outs are cool,they are a nice way to "gauge" real world performance.Dyno's are one thing power to the ground is another. It's always Interesting to see how well other people combinations work. I would like to see actsv shoutout against something other than itself or a vette!thanks Gauge

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